Metal Inert-Gas which is widely called or mentioned as MIG welders or the gas metal-arc, in short, it is calledGMAWweldersboth are used commonly welding machine. That welder is a strong and successful competitor of gas tungsten arc welders or tungsten inert gas welders in short TIG and the best stick welder. For both the industrial and home use, MIG (Metal Inert-Gas) welders are poplar for the efficiency of them at fusing the metals of all types together. It totally depends on the work types of you for what type of welders you are going to use. We will talk about the best MIG welder for your regular welding activities.

The good welder will reduce the pressure of your work and it will also make easy the work-related to welding. We will try to share with you guys why MIG welder is a better option than the best stick welder.

Best MIG Welder Pick Up the Perfect One for You

MIG (Metal Inert-Gas) welders are a very common name for the people who work the welding activities. It is totally up to the users what type or which welder he or she is going to use. But, the things the users have to take into consideration are the productivity, efficiency, and the other facilities of the welders.

According to the current market demand, we have come today to you with the best welders. And, even there will be today best MIG welders under 1000 also. Here is the list of the welders-

· MIG 140 AMP MIG Welder

·  Hobart Handler-140 500559MIG Welder

·  Hobart Handler-190 500554MIG Welder

·  Hobart Handler-210 MVP MIG Welder

·  Lincoln Electric Powermig 210MP

·  Hobart IronMan-230 MIG 500536001

Without wasting time let’s talk each and every fact related to the mentioned MIG welders, then you may choose the right one for you.

MIG 140 AMP MIG Welders


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The New Upgrade of 2017of Lotos MIG140 amp welder is now available in the market. It has come with 2 digital displayers and 2T/4T switch to help the customers for adjusting the welding voltage and wire feeder speed and with more features. The ground cable of a quick connector which is newly designed makes the switch for easiness between positive or negative (+/-).

MIG welder of Lotos can be connected easily to your existing wall outlet of 110V and quickly can be set up within less than 10 minutes. The welder handles the standard which is industrial 4” or 8” wire spools. The welder incorporates also a protection system of thermal overload to protect the MIG welder.


  • Aluminum wire feeder which is the high quality and durable aluminum wire feeder and also offers better and stable welding experience
  • 4T(semi-auto) or 2T(manual) switch is now available so that you can be able for a long time to release your finger while welding job
  • You will be able to adjust the welding power and cable feeder speed more effectively with the help of 2 digital displayers
  • The welder machine also ground cable with a quick connector which is a new design
  • You can do the welding task on any type of metal or aluminum material with the help of this MIG welder
  • Wire range of the welder is flux-cored for .030″-.035″ (0.8-0.9mm) and solid steel for .025″- .030″ (0.6-0.8mm)
  • You can buy MIG 140 Welder, it with confidence because of the manufacturer offer money back or 30 days 100% satisfaction and 1 year limited


  • MIG torch is included
  • Gas hose, ground clamp cable and argon regulator will be provided with the welder
  • Welding ability on the multi-materials
  • Adjusting the welding voltage and wire feeder speed
  • The reliable promise will be given from the manufacturer during buying
  • High-quality production materials
  • Very durable


  • Some users have complains that the welder does not have enough heat to work
  • You may face a problem when you are going to weld a very thick material

Hobart Handler-140 500559MIG Welder


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This MIG welder is manufactured with Hobart durability and quality.The Handler140 welder is the most public liked MIG welder of Hobart. Operating on the 115V which is standard current of household, the MIG welder is really versatile. The welder is really perfect for the welding activities that able to work on household repairs, auto body, yard art projects, or farm projects.

A tapped voltage of a 5-position control selector will give you the ability to find the tune which your arc offering a stable and smooth arc on all types of thicknesses. Made with the drive system of industrial cast aluminum and clamp of heavy-duty work, the welder will deliver a package of wire welding with a great industrial performance.


  • Able to weld 24GA up to 1/4 inch mild steel
  • This MIG welder is versatile equipment which is able to work on different types of steel and aluminum materials
  • The machine is able to operate 115V standard off household current.
  • Wire feed speed range of the welder is 40 – 700 IPM and at no load is 50 – 740 IPM
  • Amperage output of the welder is20% duty cycle @ 90 Amps; 25–140, 19V
  • Control selector of5-position voltage will add a stable and smooth arc at all types of welding thicknesses


  • The welder is made of quality materials
  • Durable welder
  • Welder is versatile
  • Control selector of 5-position
  • Able to weld at all types of thickness of materials
  • Able to serve the great industrial performance


  • Some buyers face the internal wiring problem with the welder
  • Some of the users face delivery problems

Hobart Handler-190 500554MIG Welder


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The welder from Hobart is very powerful and it is also a portable wire-feed flux core.This MIG welder has a design that will help you to weld the mild type of steel, aluminum, flux core steel, and stainless steel. The generous of parameters of operating will allow you steel in a single pass to weld 24GA to 5/16 inch. Plus this welder is really versatile and really perfect for the welding worker who would love to work on household repairs, auto body, or even the heavier farm projects which require the extra power.

With the arsenal of features that are standard such as a dual-groove quick-change drive roll and 7 output voltage settings, the Hobartwelder is as powerful as it is versatile.


  • Able to welds 24GA to 5/16inch steel in just a single pass
  • Able to provide the user with a powerful and as well professional result
  • The welder machine works on 230-volt power
  • The amperage of 25 to 190 output
  • Selections of 7 voltage which has increased the infinite speed control of wire feed and magnetics will offer you an easier fine control of the output parameters for the improvements arc performance with the less spatter
  • 130 AMPS and 30% duty cycle


  • Powerful welder
  • Versatility
  • You will get a professional result
  • Infinite speed control of wire feed & magnetics
  • Fine control of the output parameters
  • Less spatter


  • Poor quality materials
  • You may face an internal wiring problem
  • Some delivery issues which are not really good


Hobart Handler-210 MVP MIG Welder


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The Hobart welder will allow you for great welder convenience and portability by using a plug that is multi-voltage. That option will let the user plug the unit into either a 230V or 115V outlet of the plug with an easy change. The generous of parameters of operating will allow you steel in a single pass to weld 24GA to 3/8 inch. Plus this welder is really versatile and really perfect for the welding worker who would love to work on household repairs, auto body, or even the heavier farm projects which require the extra power.

With the arsenal of features that are standard such as a dual-groove quick-change drive roll and 7 output voltage settings, the Hobartwelder is as powerful as it is versatile. The welder has the built-in dual-gauge regulator and gas solenoid valve with the gas hose.


  • Dual-voltage is 115V or 230V with an MVP plug which makes the unit find easily an option to plugin it.
  • Will allow you steel in a single pass to weld 24GA to 3/8 inch
  • Settings of 7-voltage which will help you to fine-tune for a great welding
  • The duty cycle of the welder is 230 volts 30% at 150 amps and115 volt 20% at 90 amps
  • Quick change system of drive roll will help you to have no tools


  • Convenience
  • Portability
  • A plug with multi-voltage
  • The generous parameters of operating
  • Dual-groove quick change drive roll
  • 7 output voltage settings
  • Versatility
  • Dual-Gauge regulator


  • The welder needs better delivery
  • The welder needs more quality manufacturing materials

Lincoln Electric Powermig 210MP K3963-1


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The powermig welder from the Lincoln brand is a very powerful welding machine. The welder is a versatile MIG machine. The product has a very lightweight of 40 lbs and it is also portable. This machine has a voltage supply which means you can use any type of common power supply of your home. It also a large color display too.

The finest thing of the MIG welder is that you will get simple access to the advanced options and other settings. This thing really is a piece of great equipment to be used for the welding tasks.


  • The Lightweight of 40 lbs and this welder is portable too
  • Dual voltage inputs which mean 120 volts or 230 volts, you are able to plug into any type of common power supplies
  • Digital controls of intuitive push&turn make setup of a breeze
  • The large and colorful display will guide you through the process of setup
  • Advanced settings and options are really simple to be accessed


  • Lincoln electric power mig has a lightweight
  • It is portable
  • It has dual voltage inputs
  • Digital controls of intuitive push and turn
  • The large and colorful display
  • Easy access into the advanced settings and options


  • MIG welding function may have a bad impact on your work
  • Delivery issues

Hobart IronMan-230 MIG 500536001


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The IronMan 230 welding machine from Hobart is a complete package of powerful welding. It is able to provide a lot of weld power. This welder has an aluminum wire drive system to deliver wire feed speed. It also has quick-changing dual-drive rolls. It has the ability to weld about half-inch steel in a single pass.

This Hobart IronMan welder has come with few things which are necessary to do the works of welding.  If you choose this MIG welder machine for your work it will not be a loss project.


  • MIG welder from Hobart is capable to deliver the welding power of 30-250 amps
  • Aluminum wire drive system of the welder is able to deliver wire feed speed of 0 to 700 IPM
  • Quick-changeable dual-drive is able to roll for  .030-Inch,.024-Inch, .045-Inch, and .035-Inch wires
  • Has the ability to weld about half-inch steel in a single pass
  • Spool hub with automatic wire alignment and tool-less tension knob makes the easy changing of wire spools
  • Comes with MIG regulator, 15-Feet-200 Amp MIG gun, gas hose, dual side-mounted cable hangers, power cord, and welding setup chart


  • Provide strong weld power
  • Comes with a variety of things
  • Quick-changeable dual-drive
  • Easy changing of wire spools
  • Versatile


  • Short power cable and ground cable
  • The guides of wire do not line up with the rollers

What Are Best MIG Welders?

Every person who does the work of welding wants to know what best MIG welders are or which type of MIG welder he or she should buy. While choosing a welder machine you should consider some facts about the MIG welders. The facts will help you know which welder machine is good or the best. These facts are given below in points to make you understand easily-

Though getting all those quality or features in a single MIG welder is not possible, but if you find maximum features from those then you may choose that one for your work. The welder having most the features can be considered as the best MIG welders.

Some Buying Instruction for a MIG Welder

Though, we have mentioned all the facts which you should consider before choosing a welder fr you. But, we would like to share some additional facts with you about choosing a MIG welder. Here, they are-


Other Relevant Equipment for Your MIG Welder

Now, we will share with you guys other relevant equipment that is needed to know for you MIG welder. These things will help you to make easy your welding activities. If you gather enough knowledge over the equipment like how they work or how you should use them before starting your welding acts then you will be like a pro user. Here, the equipment is given-

·         Gas Cylinder

·         Regulator

·         Torch

·         Welding Mask

·         Clothing


Before you start your work, you should that these things are with you and they are ready to be used. These things seem very normal or unnecessary but, these things are really important for your welding acts. So, check them properly when you are about to work.


A Piece of Expert Tip!

When you have chosen to do weld the aluminum material, then an immense difficulty is that the wire will be getting stuck in the burndown. A non-compulsory reel firearm that is regularly sold independently resolve will help you to reduce any kind of cable squeeze.

Did You Know That?

MIG welding was introduced first in the 1940s. At that period, this has praised the ability to fuse only the aluminum. But, nowadays, MIG welder is able to weld metals of broad diversity.


We have tried our level best to help you to understand which MIG welders are the best options and we also share a list which includes few welders too. The MIG welders were introduced at first only for the welding of the aluminum materials. But, it has versatility which helps us to weld any type of metal, steel or aluminum materials. There are many types of MIG welders belong to different brands in the market. We have chosen a few of them and we also have chosen those which are under 1000.

We also discussed each and every fact in detail which is related to the welders. If you have any kind query then mail us, we would try our best to respond to you. If you like our discussion about the most excellent MIG welders, we will really happy if you split and speed this.

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