Best Plasma Cutter Review

Plasma cutter is an instrument that used to cut various types of metal through its integrated gas that comes with super speed from a triggered nozzle and it creates super hot torch. nowadays it is used a wide range of area and become easier in cutting world. Every company improve  their equipment and  better functions to improve the cutting ability in every year

Industrial, in-home shop or on the farm use, Its cutting system makes flexibility to wany types of work. Now it is included continuous pilot arc, high duty cycles and many more.

When you are looking for high quality with a reasonable budget plasma cutter in the online market place, there are lots of plasma cutter instruments and you become puzzled to pick up the right one. That is why we  investigate to accumulate  the suitable plasma cutter so that you can easily pick up the  most  appropriate plasma cutter according to your choice and budget

You need not worry about compress gas which is used in a plasma cutter. This gas is available at most local service shops because the maximum plasma cutter operated by compressed air.


Generally three types of plasma cutter available right now.

Light task Plasma Cutters: Generally this is home useable plasma cutter It is lightweight that is less than 100 pounds. Here is cutting ability up to 1 inch thick

Heavy Duty Plasma Cutters: These types of plasma cutters are used in the factory or commercial purposes. It’s cutting ability from 1 inch to 1.5 inches thick.

Inverter-Type Plasma Cutters: High-frequency arc start or pilot arc is come through plasma from torch tip to the work area. this type of inverter is tiny and lightweight than a transformer 

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